Consumer Involvement & Engagement Toolkit

The Consumer Involvement and Engagement Toolkit (the Toolkit) provides practical advice for researchers and research organisations wishing to conduct patient-centred clinical trials. Through the use of an interactive map, the Toolkit provides guidance and tools to help plan, deliver, evaluate and report consumer and community involvement and engagement activities. The Toolkit’s focus is clinical trials, however, much of the content is relevant to other types of health research.

For Researchers and Organisations

The Toolkit also contains a small but growing collection of dedicated resources for consumers and the community, that provide insights into what it means to become ‘involved’ in research and to increase awareness around the role and value of clinical trials.

As a platform for the sharing of information and tools, the Toolkit aims to improve public awareness and understanding of clinical trials so that consumers and the community are better equipped to influence the clinical trial agenda.


For Consumers and the Community

The Toolkit is a joint initiative between the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA) and Clinical Trials: Impact & Quality (CT:IQ). It was developed by a working group of end-users (researchers, research organisation representatives, and consumers) who ratified content and endorsed the definitions and acronyms used throughout.  

Consumer involvement and engagement in clinical research is rapidly becoming an important global movement. Many national and international organisations that are committed to patient-centred research, have developed useful resources containing rich content.

We have partnered with a number of these to enable the sharing of resources and ideas. This sharing of best practice helps to:

  • accelerate the development of resources for active and meaningful consumer involvement and engagement across the globe.
  • minimise the cost of developing consumer involvement resources by enabling organisations to utilise and adapt resources that already exist.